Tyre Service

 A convenient one stop tyre service

We care about the on-going performance and value of your vehicle, but your safety is our top priority. That is why it is important to know a little more about your car. Here are some tyre safety tips that ensure a safer drive:

  • Regular tyre rotation and wheel aligning can help reduce irregular tyre wear. This will prolong the life of the tyre and maintain safe tread depths.
  • Sometimes rapid tyre wear occurs when a vehicle is not mechanically sound. This can be avoided with wheel alignments, tyre pressure checks, rotations and regular servicing.
  • Worn tyres increase the chances of a road accident in wet conditions by increasing the stopping distance of your car.


Tread Depth:

  • It is recommended that the tyre tread has minimum depth of 3-4mm – anything less is a risk for your safety.
  • It is vital to have sufficient tread on your tyres, it gives you grip on the road and it helps prevent accidents in wet conditions.
  • Sufficient tread depth allows dirt and water to be ejected from the tyre so that contact with the road can be maintained.



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Stopping distance of new and worn tyres in wet conditions: