Subaru XV integrates the latest in safety, from the inside out. Feel the freedom of an SUV brimming full of innovative technologies that help keep you and your family safe on the roads.

Driver Assistance At The Ready

Sudden stopping. Surprise roadworks and hairpin turns. Subaru XV is ready with its electronic driver assist system, Vehicle Dynamics Control system (VDC).

Featuring a range of stability and braking technologies, the VDC system steps in to help maintain your safety in extreme situations.  Constantly analysing through an array of sensors, VDC includes:

  • Electronic Stability Control: Helps you gain control if you unexpectedly understeer or oversteer, by applying brakes, reducing engine power and distributing torque. Traction Control System: Helps you minimise your wheel slip by reducing engine power.
  • Limited Slip Device: Helps you maintain control by transferring power from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip.
  • Anti-lock Braking System: Helps you stay in control by minimising stopping distance and maintaining vehicle control under brakes.
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution: Helps keep you safe by controlling the braking pressure to the front and rear wheels all the time.
  • Brake Assist: Helps you in emergency situations by maximising stopping power.

Reverse Parking Camera

Thanks to a state-of-the-art rear -view reverse camera, you’ll have eyes in the back of your head guiding you safely into every parking spot.

Eliminate blind spots

Many accidents happen because a driver simply cannot see another. Subaru’s Vision Assist is designed to eliminate blinds spots with cameras and sensors placed to give a driver unprecedented awareness of what’s around them.

If a vehicle is in your blind spot, a light symbol on your side mirror lights up – on either side of the car – to let you know. Or, if you’re changing lanes and a fast approaching vehicle is behind you, a light symbol will warn you of its presence. If you’re reversing and a vehicle drives past behind you, or if the system detects that vehicles are approaching from the side, Subaru's Vision Assist Rear Cross Traffic Alert will alert you audibly that there is risk of a collision.  

Standard on Subaru XV 2.0i-S variants only.

EyeSight® Driver Assist

The all-new Subaru XV won’t let you stray too far from script. If the vehicle’s EyeSight® Driver Assist technology senses lane sway or lane departure, it’ll warn you, helping you to avoid stepping on someone else’s line.