Discover the most advanced Subaru WRX and WRX STI ever made. New generation technology resides in almost every square millimetre, from the advanced proactive safety of Subaru’s Vision Assist to the sleek infotainment system.

Speak and WRX listens

Call your friends and set your soundtrack without taking your hands off the wheel. On the Subaru WRX Premium AWD and all Subaru WRX STI variants, have a chat with Siri®1 using the Siri®1 compatibility feature.

Subaru WRX STI Premium AWD shown

1. Requires compatible Siri® enabled Apple device to be paired with the infotainment system.

Here's looking at you

High performance demands top-class safety. The EyeSight® Driver Assist system - as standard on Subaru WRX Lineartronic® CVT variants - is like your second pair of eyes. It spots potentially dangerous situations up ahead, and alerts you to take action. In the right situation, it even automatically applies the brakes if need be.

With EyeSight® Driver Assist technology, your Subaru WRX LineartronicTM CVT is always on alert. Here's how:

  • When the car in front of you moves at a green light, the car will let you know it’s time to go. So the driver behind you doesn't have to.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control tracks the vehicle in front of you, keeping a safe distance to take the stress off having that unpredictable driver ahead.
    If the accelerator is pushed by accident when an object is detected in front, EyeSight® Driver Assist technology restricts engine power to help reduce the impact.
  • Pre-Collision Steering Assist applies greater steering assistance when you attempt to steer away from a detected collision ahead.
  • If the EyeSight® Driver Assist technology senses lane sway or lane departure, it’ll warn you, helping you to avoid stepping on someone else’s line.
  • EyeSight® Driver Assist technology can warn you of imminent impact. It also senses if you’re not acting fast enough - applying more stopping power as needed.
  • Lane Keep Assist uses stereo cameras to detect lane markings, including Botts’ dots. Working with the electric power steering, it helps keep your vehicle in its lane when driving on expressways, freeways and interstate highways.

Subaru WRX Premium AWD shown

Eyes in the back of your head

Subaru’s Vision Assist is your co-pilot on the road. Available on the Subaru WRX Premium AWD, WRX STI Premium AWD and WRX STI spec.R AWD, its top-six features are always working to keep you safe and in control.

  • Blind Spot Monitors
    If a vehicle is in your blind spot, a light symbol in your side mirror lights up – on either side of the car – to let you know.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    If you’re reversing and a vehicle is approaching from the side, you will receive an audible and visual warning.
  • Lane Change Assist
    If you’re changing lanes and a fast approaching vehicle is behind you, a light symbol will warn you of its presence.
  • High Beam Assist 
    If you’re approaching oncoming traffic at night, auto high beams will sense the road ahead and automatically switch to low beam.
  • Side View Monitor
    While you’re parking, side view monitor indicates the distance from the kerb or a parked vehicle.
  • Front View Monitor
    Designed for areas with poor visibility such as intersections and enclosed parking spaces, front view monitor lets you check the area immediately in front of the car on the Multi Function Display (MFD).

Subaru’s Vision Assist available on Subaru WRX Premium AWD, WRX STI Premium AWD and WRX STI spec.R AWD

Subaru WRX STI spec.R AWD shown

Sat nav gets you there

This much power deserves a big adventure. Lucky you'll never get lost with a world class satellite navigation system as standard on Subaru WRX Premium AWD, and all Subaru WRX STI variants. Built into the infotainment unit, it features a super large screen, full colour display and clear, simple audio instructions.

Just lock in your directions, and the vehicle's system will take you to your destination the smartest way, with live updates on faster routes and traffic hazards on the go. 

Music to your ears

Using Bluetooth®1, USB connectivity or the auxiliary jack, you can connect your phone and pump the tunes. Enjoy it even more with the thumping sounds of eight harman kardon®2 speakers on the Subaru WRX Premium AWD and Subaru WRX STI range.

Subaru WRX STI AWD shown

1. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System operation ability is subject to the Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual’s phone.

2. Harman Kardon is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated


Steering backwards down a cluttered, narrow driveway? Subaru WRX eliminates the guesswork, with a sophisticated rear view reverse camera.

Like having eyes in the back of your head, you can view the camera’s vision on the display monitor in front of you. It’s smart yet simple technology that greatly reduces the risk of any bumps and scrapes when you reverse.


1. Bluetooth®is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System operation ability is subject to the Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual’s phone.

2. harman kardon® is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated.