Experience the control and peace of mind of intelligent safety. Engineered to predict, prevent and protect, Subaru Liberty is back. Brimming with cutting-edge technologies, so you can enjoy the road.

Steering Responsive Headlights

Up the ante with LED Steering Responsive Headlights to help you see better around corners by aiming your headlights towards the direction your turning.  Adaptive Driving Beam senses oncoming traffic and automatically switches to low beam, delivering maximum road visibility while reducing glare for other drivers.

On 2.5i Premium and 3.6R variants.

Side View Monitor

When activated, a camera on the bottom of the left side rear vision mirror shows where your vehicle is in relation to the curb or a parked vehicle. Now you can parallel park in even the tightest spot without scraping the gutter.

On 2.5i Premium and 3.6R variants.

More eyes on the road

EyeSight® Driver Assist technology uses two windscreen cameras to monitor activity on the road ahead and to spot potential danger. If a dangerous situation is detected, alerts urge the driver to take action and if necessary, EyeSight® will step in to help avoid an accident.


Grip hold of slippery rainy streets, no problem. In true Subaru style, Liberty uses the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (SAWD) system that gives you optimum control and double the traction capacity of a two-wheel drive car. Because four wheels grip better than two. It’s active safety at its best.


Sudden stopping. Surprise roadworks and hairpin turns. Liberty is ready for extreme urban conditions with its electronic driver assist system called Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC). Featuring a range of stability and braking technologies, VDC steps in to help maintain your safety in extreme situations.

Constantly analysing through an array of sensors, VDC includes:

Electronic Stability Control

Helps you gain control if you unexpectedly understeer or oversteer, by applying brakes, reducing engine power and distributing torque. 

Traction Control System

Helps you minimise your wheel slip by reducing engine power.

Limited Slip Device

Helps you maintain control by transferring power from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip.

Anti-lock Braking System

Helps you stay in control by minimising stopping distance and maintaining vehicle control under brakes.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Helps keep you safe by controlling the braking pressure to the front and rear wheels all the time.

Brake Assist

Helps you in emergency situations by maximising stopping power.


Manoeuvring back into a tight side street? Family driveway littered with toys? The rear view camera is like having eyes in the back of your head. Using camera alerts, it tells you what lies on the road behind, helping to improve your visibility and reduce the risk of bumps and scrapes.


You need never look away from the road, with the new Multi Information Display unit providing all your vehicle information and smartphone updates, right in the centre of your instrument cluster. Located directly in front of the driver, it includes speed information, EyeSight® Driver Assist prompts, smartphone updates and turn-by-turn directional information from the sat nav (if fitted).