Subaru Liberty delivers an intoxicating performance. A blend of power, precision and superior control from the ground up. Ready for more? Get behind the wheel and rediscover great driving again.

Boxer engine

The Subaru Boxer engine sits horizontally in the engine bay to deliver a much lower centre of gravity, perfect overall balance, more stability and less noise and vibration. Choose your drive with Liberty offering three options. A 2.5-litre Boxer engine in Liberty 2.5i and 2.5i Premium and a 3.6-litre Boxer engine in Liberty 3.6R.

Paddle gear shifters

Paddle gear shifters paddles on the Liberty steering wheel give you fingertip control of your drive. Revel in the sportier handling and set the gear to match the terrain.

VDC with Active Torque Vectoring

The Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) uses multiple sensors to monitor Liberty’s course and wheel speed, allowing the system to reduce engine power, adjust torque distribution and apply brake pressure to individual wheels. The system is complemented by Active Torque Vectoring, which automatically applies brakes to the inside front wheel while cornering, to push more torque to the outside front wheel to improve stability, deliver superior handling and reduce wheel spin.


Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) technology delivers up to three distinctive driving modes by regulating key engine functions. Choose the mode that suits the conditions, or your mood, for a more spirited drive and sharper acceleration. Switch between Intelligent (I) mode, Sport mode (S) and Sport Sharp (S#) mode.

Two modes available on the 2.5i and 2.5i Premium and three modes on the 3.6R.


Liberty is smart enough to adapt its driving style to suit your day, thanks to Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive). Choose from Intelligent (I) mode for everyday driving. Sport (S) mode for enhanced acceleration and sporty performance. And SportSharp (S#) mode – available on Liberty 3.6R – for a truly exhilarating drive.