Forester Features

There’s nothing standard about the 5th generation Subaru Forester, the ultimate reincarnation of Subaru’s most popular and awarded car.

Lead on

Take life head on with LED Steering Responsive Headlights. The new, hawk-eye shaped headlights cast a brilliant light which tracks with the steering to illuminate the road at night and to help you see better around corners. Giving you more time to react should you need to. While daytime running lights help improve the safety of you and your family.

Subaru Forester 2.5i-S AWD shown

Start something great

With the whole world in front of you, push the button on everyday adventures with Forester’s smart key and push-start ignition. With keyless access your hands are free to juggle fresh gelatos and sandy towels. While the push button start uses new advanced transmission code encryption for improved security. 

Look back to move forward

Focusing on what’s behind you, is the best way to move forward with confidence. Subaru Forester’s new reverse camera washer is fully integrated into the rear window washer system, so every time you wash the back window your camera view is polished too.

Subaru Forester 2.5i-S AWD shown

Just wing it

With a new lower position on the door, Forester puts your side mirrors front and centre, delivering improved driver front quarter vision. All variants also have a power-folding mechanism so your wings don’t get clipped. Overall visibility is further enhanced on Forester 2.5i Premium AWD and Forester 2.5i-S AWD, with the mirrors automatically dipping to show your distance from the curb when the vehicle is put into reverse.

Subaru Forester 2.5i-S AWD shown