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It is important that you choose the right product for your personal circumstances therefore we recommend you speak with your licensed financial services advisor before making any decisions. Subaru Melbourne have qualified business managers who can assist your application for the following loan products:

  1. Commercial Hire Purchase

    Traditionally for the business user and can be approved in the name of an individual or company. With this style of financing, you hire the goods over the term of the loan and the title of the vehicle transfers to you after your last payment.

  2. Chattel Mortgage

    The lender provides funds to the customer to purchase the vehicle. The financer maintains an interest over the title of the vehicle for the duration of the loan. At the conclusion of the financing arrangement, you receive clear title of the vehicle.

  3. Consumer Loan

    The vehicle is used as security for the term of the loan, however, you have ownership from the beginning of the contract. Upon final payment you get clear title to the vehicle.

  4. Finance Leaseňá

    For the business user, the finance company purchases the vehicle and you rent it from them by way of a repayment. At the end of the lease agreement, you may be able, subject to the terms of the leasing agreement, to purchase the vehicle for the residual amount.

  5. Novated Lease

    A three-way agreement between the financier, you and your employer. The responsibility for the lease lies with the employee and the lease payments are being made from the employee's pre-tax income.

Applications for credit are subject to normal credit approval criteria. Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions are available on application.

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finance products

Available to body corporates and sole traders/partnerships where the vehicle will be used predominantly for your business (51% or more).