Sponsorship and Community Engagement

The Subaru Melbourne team takes great pride in supporting our local communities and fellow Australians across the country through sporting, creative, cultural and community activities. Through various sponsorships, we build mutually-beneficial relationships with individuals and organisations who, like us, seek to enhance the lives of all Australians.

Our current sponsorship partners include:

Bully Zero

Established in 2012, Bully Zero is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to provide support and care for victims of bullying and their families; while also educating the community, particularly through schooling and sporting programs, about the dangers of bullying.


The Bully Zero Subaru XV

The fundamental mission of Bully Zero is to educate the community about the devastating consequences of bullying and to support and empower victims and their families. This important work takes the team and their CEO, Oscar Yildiz, all across Australia. Subaru Melbourne is proud to support Bully Zero in their mission by providing them with the ultimate small SUV, the Subaru XV, to help them travel to a wide range of communities, schools and families. Keep an eye out for Bully Zero's Tangerine Orange Subaru XV on the roads of Melbourne! 


Bully Zero Ambassadors Visit Subaru Interactive @ Docklands

As one of Australias leading Anti-Bullying Foundations, it is no surprise that Bully Zero is supported by a diverse range of community leaders and public figures. Some of their ambassadors, including Becky Branca, Clint Bolton, James Liotta, Libby Petrella, Michael Cleland and Puneet Gulati, visited our flagship showroom in Docklands. Subaru Interactive @ Docklands was pleased to host the Bully Zero ambassadors as they enjoyed viewing our Subaru range and shared their stories.