Subaru Melbourne is wholly owned by Trivett Automotive Retail. With Subaru Melbourne, there are opportunities across our seven dealership locations and our Experience Stores across the Melbourne region. From sales consultants to service advisors or concierge to business managers, there are a variety of positions available and all combine to provide the excellent customer service that Subaru Melbourne provides. Opportunities exist to try different roles and dealership locations across the Subaru Melbourne group and there is plenty of opportunity for growth. 

Working with us

Trivett is Australia's largest prestige automotive group and the retail unit of Inchcape Australia Limited. Trivett represents 21 automotive brands including a majority of the world's most esteemed marques. Trivett has 31 dealerships across Australia, employing over 1,100 people and selling over 27,000 vehicles annually.

Trivett takes great pride in offering professional and reputable service in an enjoyable and relaxed shopping experience with coffee bars, wireless internet access and concierge services. Trivett's highly knowledgeable and reputable staff are able to match a vehicle to your needs and offer a complete range of services to meet all your motoring requirements.

Find a role that works for you, that DRIVES you each and every day. Join a company that develops your career, supports your growth and provides you an environment where you can be the best you can be.